The (secret) City of London is NOT part of the UK | England

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The (secret) City of London is NOT part of the UK | England

The City of London is NOT London! It looks like a play on words but it’s not. They are completely different cities.

I have been many times in London and there are so many things to do in the City of London, but this time I thought about talking a bit about the secret City of London.

The City of London is also known as The City and The Square Mile because it only has about 1.12 square miles.
I talk on the video about the City of London about some secrets and facts about it but there is one in particular that most of the people don’t know, and that is the London Bridge and the London Tower are not owner by London’s government but they are owned by The City of London Corporation.

Some say that the City of London is not part of the UK, I don’t know about that but the facts that I say on the video about the city of London I know they are true.

The city of London has a different mayor and he is usually called The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of London, The Lord Mayor of London has full authority over The City of London, The Square Mile.

There are many conspiracies about banking and finance in The City but for sure The City owns a lot of buildings and places outside of the perimeter of The City.

For More of the Secrets Watch Stephen Fry’s Key to the City – Exploring the Mysteries of the City of London

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