S**thole Countries [Stefan Molyneux]

>>>>>>S**thole Countries [Stefan Molyneux]

S**thole Countries [Stefan Molyneux]

Dear Students and Friends!

We know that the “Focused Empowerment” ESL Activities are extremely complex in the language and their content, but we feel the culture available to so many English speaking people should also be available for our Brazilian students.

Today’s episode is an extra special and extremely powerful “Focused Empowerment” Activity! It is not politically correct due to it’s scientific basis. The wealth of content is almost impossible to be found in Portuguese and it brings you not only the knowledge North Americans are exposed to, but also a glimpse of another culture.



The mainstream media is in a uproar after President Donald Trump allegedly referred to “s**thole” countries during an immigration related policy discussion. Stefan Molyneux looks at history of competing scientific theories, the differences between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and the importance of looking at the science of Intelligence disparities to have an informed discussion.

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