100 Most Common English Verbs

This is a list of the 100 most common verbs in English.

If you are learning English it would be useful to learn these popular verbs first.

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No. Verb Simple Past Past Participle
1 to be were been
2 to have had had
3 to do did done
4 to say said said
5 to go went gone
6 to get got got
7 to make made made
8 to know knew known
9 to think thought thought
10 to take took taken
11 to see saw seen
12 to come came come
13 to want wanted wanted
14 to look looked looked
15 to use used used
16 to find found found
17 to give gave given
18 to tell told told
19 to work worked worked
20 to call called called
21 to try tried tried
22 to ask asked asked
23 to need needed needed
24 to feel felt felt
25 to become became become
26 to leave left left
27 to put put put
28 to mean meant meant
29 to keep kept kept
30 to let let let
31 to begin began begun
32 to seem seemed seemed
33 to help helped helped
34 to talk talked talked
35 to turn turned turned
36 to start started started
37 to show showed shown
38 to hear heard heard
39 to play played played
40 to run ran run
41 to move moved moved
42 to like liked liked
43 to live lived lived
44 to believe believed believed
45 to hold held held
46 to bring brought brought
47 to happen happened happened
48 to write wrote written
49 to provide provided provided
50 to sit sat sat
51 to stand stood stood
52 to lose lost lost
53 to pay paid paid
54 to meet met met
55 to include included included
56 to continue continued continued
57 to set set set
58 to learn learnt learnt
59 to change changed changed
60 to lead led led
61 to understand understood understood
62 to watch watched watched
63 to follow followed followed
64 to stop stopped stopped
65 to create created created
66 to speak spoke spoken
67 to read read read
68 to allow allowed allowed
69 to add added added
70 to spend spent spent
71 to grow grew grown
72 to open opened opened
73 to walk walked walked
74 to win won won
75 to offer offered offered
76 to remember remembered remembered
77 to love loved loved
78 to consider considered considered
79 to appear appeared appeared
80 to buy bought bought
81 to wait waited waited
82 to serve served served
83 to die died died
84 to send sent sent
85 to expect expected expected
86 to build built built
87 to stay stayed stayed
88 to fall fell fallen
89 to cut cut cut
90 to reach reached reached
91 to kill killed killed
92 to remain remained remained
93 to suggest suggested suggested
94 to raise raised raised
95 to pass passed passed
96 to sell sold sold
97 to require required required
98 to report reported reported
99 to decide decided decided
100 to pull pulled pulled

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