Pokhara City Guide | Nepal Travel Video

>>>>>>Pokhara City Guide | Nepal Travel Video

Pokhara City Guide | Nepal Travel Video

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Let’s checkout today’s Samuel’s and Audrey’s travel experience ! Let’s use their video as an ESL Practice Activity.

Pokhara City Guide | Nepal Travel Video

Pokhara City Guide | Nepal Travel Series Transcript:

Alright, so guys we are in Pokhara & today is our last day in town and it is our first day of sightseeing. So we’ve basically been hanging out, shopping, eating really well.

We have waited until the last day but this is the first day of really good weather. Yes. We’ve had a lot of haze, a lot of cloud cover. It has been super foggy as well.

But today it is just unbelievable.

Blue skies. We’re seeing like snow capped mountains that we hadn’t seen before. And today we’re going to go out by boat and we’re also going to do a little bit of hiking so we can’t wait to show you around. So we’re by the lake.

Yes, we are. There is the lake. We’re going to hire a boat next and then we’re climbing to the World Peace Pagoda (Pokhara Shanti Stupa).

So we found a rooftop cafe with a great view of the lake and Pokhara below.

Also you can arrange a lot of adventure travel from here. Yes.

So if you’re into paragliding or what else can you do? There is tonnes of stuff.

Oh man. There is hiking. You can do micro-flights. A helicopter tour.

There is helicopter tours. There is I think even like horse and pony riding. So any kind of adventure stuff. Oh this is also where you would arrange like for a trip to do the Annapurna Circuit .

When we weren’t out sightseeing, which was most of the time, we were restaurant hopping and enjoying the food. The following is the best meal that we had in Pokhara .

The food is here and it looks amazing. Check it out. I’m having something called Chhwelā . And this is fish from the local lake.

So that’s a wrap for our time in Pokhara. Most travellers who come all the way out here generally do so to hike the Annapurna Circuit, but we had neither the gear nor the desire to undertake a lengthy trek. Fortunately for us, Pokhara proved to be the perfect place to unwind after a few months of busy travel, and we still got to enjoy views of the Annapurna Mountain Range.

This is part of our Travel in Nepal video series showcasing Nepali food, Nepalese culture and Nepali cuisine.

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These travel guide videos are specially chosen to help you improve your vocabulary and listening comprehension skills. The content of this travel guide is also the source for in-class conversation, vocabulary practice and structure correction. This travel guide comprises a great deal of travel related topics, vocabulary and structure characteristics.

Remember that this is one of the greatest practices you can have that do not depend on an instructor present!

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