Macau Street Food Tour – Macanese Eats Taste Test in Macao

>>>>>>Macau Street Food Tour – Macanese Eats Taste Test in Macao

Macau Street Food Tour – Macanese Eats Taste Test in Macao

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Let’s checkout today’s Samuel’s and Audrey’s travel experience ! Let’s use their video as an ESL Practice Activity.

Macau Street Food Tour – Macanese Eats Taste Test in Macao

Come join us for a foodie adventure as we sample some of the best street food in Macau eating our way around Macao sampling cheap Macanese eats in this taste test.

Macanese cuisine is a fascinating and unique blend of southern Chinese and Portuguese food with significant influences in terms of ingredients from Southeast Asia.

Common ingredients include turmeric, coconut and cinnamon. In terms of Macanese street food there is a plethora of items worth sampling.

In our Macau street food guide we try no less than 9 different food/drink items in just one very busy day! Instead of having lunch or dinner we spend our entire Macao day trip from Hong Kong feasting on delicious street food.

Below is our entire playlist of Macanese foods we sampled in order of appearance:

1) Macau egg pudding (蛋布丁)
2) Macau Pork Chop Bun (豬扒包)
3) Milk Tea (港式奶茶)
4) Portuguese style Macau egg tart (蛋撻 – 蛋挞) also known as Pastel de nata)
5) Macau honey glazed pork jerky (豬肉乾)
6) Coconut Ice Cream (椰子冰淇淋)
7) Macau almond cookies or biscuits (杏仁餅)
8) Macanese Bubble tea with taro (波霸奶茶)
9) Durian Ice Cream (榴莲冰淇淋)

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Macau Street Food Tour – Macanese Eats Taste Test in Macao Transcript:

Well good afternoon from Macau (澳門 – 澳门). It is lunchtime over here so we’re going to be sampling some Macanese street food. Yeah, we’re just basically going to wander around and try as many tasty bites as we possibly can.

So it took us a while to find a place that was serving pork chops this early. But we finally found one. Yeah, some of them weren’t going to start serving them until 2pm.

Until 2 pm. And it is around noon right now so oh bummer but we finally found somewhere and this pork chop bun (豬扒包) is one of the most popular street foods you can find in Macau (澳門 – 澳门).

Next up we’re having Pastel de Nata (蛋撻 – 蛋挞) and this is where you start to see the Portuguese influence in Macanese cuisine. This is something that you find everywhere in Portugal. We had these when we were in Lisbon.

We have St. Paul’s Ruins (大三巴牌坊) off in the background and Sam ready to sample more food. Yeah, so something you’re going to find in Macau (澳門 – 澳门) well just about everywhere. Especially around the Saint Paul’s Ruins (大三巴牌坊) is you get this beef jerky (豬肉乾) that is for sale. Yeah. And you buy these big slabs and they cut it up for you like there is just a huge amount here.

Anyways we found our next snack and we’re having almond cakes (杏仁餅). So check those out. It looks really powdery and it actually has chunks of almond in it. Wow.

And we saw these being freshly made. So it is pretty amazing. That is how we decided on the store. We’re like oh they’re making them right outside so.

How are those?

Good. It is quite dry. It is almost like a chalky like powdery texture so if you’re planning on having a few you probably want tea or like some kind of beverage nearby.

A bubble tea (波霸奶茶). Have a bubble tea nearby.

Somebody couldn’t resist. What have you been searching for all day? I’ve been looking also for durian ice cream (榴莲冰淇淋). Because we’ve tried coconut ice cream and that was a little tame. Let’s go in for some durian and these right here are big chunks of durian and it smells just like durian.

So our Macanese food adventures are over. We came, we saw, we ate, we conquered. Like we ate a lot of food. We did. I think we had seven or eight different things. Yeah. None of it cost a lot. We’re bringing a lot home. So it is a great way to just kind of snack our way around Macao (澳門 – 澳门). All day long. All day long. And the fact we didn’t sit down and wait in restaurants meant that we got to do a lot more sightseeing. We got to taste more food. Yeah. So I highly recommend this. If you come here just snack your way around Macau (澳門 – 澳门). You’ll save money and you’ll get to see a lot more.

This is part of our Travel in Macau video series showcasing Macau food, Macau culture and Macau cuisine.

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network

These travel guide videos are specially chosen to help you improve your vocabulary and listening comprehension skills. The content of this travel guide is also the source for in-class conversation, vocabulary practice and structure correction. This travel guide comprises a great deal of travel related topics, vocabulary and structure characteristics.

Remember that this is one of the greatest practices you can have that do not depend on an instructor present!

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