Hans Massaquoi: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany

>>>>>>Hans Massaquoi: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany

Hans Massaquoi: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany

When you think of Nazi Germany, you mostly think about the human rights abuses, and the concentration camps like Auschwitz. But have you ever wondered what happened to the black people living under the Third Reich? It turns out that even though there were racial laws demanding the extermination of the Jewish and Roma people, there were so few Africans living in Germany, that they were not considered to be one of Hitler’s main priorities.

One very special mixed race boy grew up in Germany during the Third Reich, and he lived to tell the tale. Not only did he manage to survive unscathed, but he also desperately wanted to join the Nazi Party. He was an actual prince, and he grew up to become a writer. This is the incredible story of Hans Massaquoi.

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