Survivorman | Grenada Island | Les Stroud

Les journeys to an active volcano chain found in the Grenadine Islands deep in the heart of the Caribbean Sea. Stranding himself on an uninhabited island called Frigate, Les is left to survive on his own.

Discovered by Columbus in 1498, the island has remained untouched by civilization for centuries largely due to the fierce waves that pummel its craggy shores.

Scouring the shoreline for edible marine life, Les must work to secure freshwater, build shelter and make fire. While being stranded on a Caribbean island may sound inviting, it is in reality incredibly difficult.

Les is forced to eat prickly pear cactus, hunt for bird eggs and even contemplates trapping one of the thousands of turtles that occupy the island.

When it comes to survival islands, the island of Frigate offers what all islands do: isolation…of your body, your mind and your spirit. Time away can be a good thing, but this is no vacation.

source: Survivorman – Les Stroud Youtube Channel