Freakonomics: Why America Doesn’t Love Soccer (Yet)…

>>>>>>Freakonomics: Why America Doesn’t Love Soccer (Yet)…

Freakonomics: Why America Doesn’t Love Soccer (Yet)…

Hi Dear Students and Friends!

We’ve got a nice Freakonomics radio broadcast for our ESL skills practice! And to keep the World Cup beat going, it covers an interesting subject of soccer in other cultures.

It’s no secret that soccer continues to lag behind other U.S. sports in viewership and enthusiasm. For instance, 111.5 million Americans sat down to watch Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014. Meanwhile, only 24.3 million watched the 2010 World Cup Final, which was actually a record.
To put this in global perspective, total Super Bowl viewership is roughly 90 percent American while viewership of the biggest soccer event is roughly 3 percent American. And relatively few people in the States rank soccer as their favorite sport.
To address these disparities, Stephen Dubner turns to a real-life football superstar of the American variety: Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck was selected first in the 2012 NFL Draft and has become one of the best quarterbacks in America’s favorite sport. He also happens to be a huge soccer fan. What does Luck think it would take for U.S. soccer to take off in popularity?


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